Wray London Supar 4,25 inch f/4.5

LAND: England


Wray London Supar 4,25 inch f/4.5
Wray London Supar 4,25 inch

Wray London Supar 4.25 inch f / 4.5 is a magnifying lens for copying images in a magnifier. The 4.25 inch focal length is equivalent to approx. 107mm with f / 4.5 as the largest opening. The blender is the type of click stop with the lowest value f / 32 and ten slightly curved lamellae. Mechanically, the lens is superbly built in metal with one layer coating. Magnifying optics have no focus barrel, so if you want and use them for photographic use, you will often use a bellows (popularly called macro bellows) that pushes the lens back and forth by turning a wheel on a rail. This allows you to take everything from macro and close-up to infinity-focused images. Magnification optics can be picked up very cheaply if the budget is tight or you want to try something new.

Wray London Supar 4.25 inch f / 4.5 exhibits good sharpness, but with some slight contrast. Bokeh is in most cases perceived as well-tuned and pretty.

Wray (Optical Works) Ltd. was a British camera and lens manufacturer based in Ashgrove Road Bromley, Kent. The company had a reputation for producing outstanding quality optics and durable quality cameras, including models such as Wrayflex.

Kamera:  Sony A7 II

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